Types of Painkillers and when to use them

Pain is one of the worst feelings one can ever experience. It is unpleasant, and one often becomes irritable especially when the intensities are severe. Painkillers were introduced to help relieve the pain by reducing the production of prostaglandin in the brain. Painkillers have been used universally to ease the pain. Several painkillers are available in the market in mild, moderate and severe forms. Painkillers or pain pills , however, need to be taken cautiously to avoid abusing the drug. They have been classified into various categories depending on their functions in the body.

They are also known as nerve blockers, and they are used to ease the pain that has been caused by damage to the sensitive nerves mainly in cases such as shingles. The actavis  drugs are strong since they can modulate the way pain is perceived in the central nervous system.

Muscle Relaxers
These are used to reduce pain triggered in the muscles. They often act as sedatives and are used to ease pain caused by the contraction and relaxation of muscles. They are often mild and do not take much time to act on the affected area.

These categories of painkillers are often prescribed to patients with musculoskeletal related injuries. The drugs act by shutting down the processes that cause the inflammation. This is also purely based on the action of the drugs on the brain as opposed to the localized area. The drugs can be either severe or moderate depending on the nature of the inflammation and the size of the affected area.

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
These types of painkillers fall under the mild type of painkillers, and they work by interrupting the pathophysiological processes that cause pain. Other signs of inflammation such as fever can be cured when these drugs are taken. Despite their mild nature, they have to be taken only when they are prescribed by a physician.

The categories listed above do not by any chance imply that lesser or more consequences, each drug, regardless of whether it is mild or severe has an effect on the body, and it has to be taken cautiously. Painkillers, when abused are associated with both long-term and short-term side effects, and this fact cannot be dismissed. It is, therefore, necessary for one to learn and find out the possible effects that are related to taking a particular painkiller before they are taken. This fact can also be used to discourage self-medication especially when one does not have any knowledge on the drugs.